The Lonely Shade Tree

The lonely shade tree. There is stands valiant. bearing the weight of the sun’s glory.

Exposed by the rays that pierce the threaded veins within the leaf.

It has stood here for years, weathered the seasons, carried the burden of rain and heat.

It wrinkles with new bark and old rings, wood solid, firm, aged strength.

Lonely it stands, silhouettes of beauty kissing the amber orange setting sky, a scandalous portrayal in the lunar luminance.

Who sees its awe? Who witnesses its splendor? Who sits in its generous canopy of leafed protection?

Does it go unnoticed? Do the vagabonds receive its shelter?

Oh the lonely shade tree, unnoticed by most.

Yet it there it stands, victorious and steady as it bears the weight of the Son’s glory.

There is none like it, though some may mimic and sway.

It is God’s own masterpiece, a seedling to a stallion.

Turn up its leaves, to kiss the sky. A sign of life, of grand design.

Behold it’s radiance, purpose and strength. It holds resilience in its trunk, each branch reaches abandoned to the One .

The One in the beginning a long, long time ago, who nourished a sapling that grew by the heat of the Son.

It stands by its lonesome, now tall, mature reflecting the heavenly beams, glistening in the crisp air.

A reflection of the One who provides its needs.

It, too, speaks of the Creator, a reflection or righteousness, roots down deep, seeking the living water of the One who sustains.

It claps its hands singing praise to the Devine beams of all things good.

For all of creation brings delight to the Maker of beauty who makes all things right.


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