Would the real church please stand up?

Last fall I had the privilege of speaking with Cassie Brown from On Purpose Ministries. We dove into some interesting topics like why and how the church is still relevant. Maybe you’ve had a bad taste in your mouth from some church experience or people who claim to be Christians. Unfortunately, you are not alone. As you watch this video, be a part of the discussion with others wondering the same thing:


“Maybe the church has traded in the power that raised Christ from the dead for misperceived security and subtle complacency. Maybe fear of death, fear of persecution, fear of decreasing “numbers,” fear of losing money, fear of being rejected by society, fear of looking too conservative or too liberal,
fear of offending others, fear of having their plans thwarted, fear of
not being able to build the bigger and better building, fear of getting
stained by the sinners, fear of getting their good name smudged
by inner-city problems, fear of losing a member to another church,
fear of people backsliding, fear of not being able to control how the
congregation conducts themselves, fear of the cookie-cutter Christian
life looking like a misshapen pile of dough…fear, fear, fear….yes,
maybe, I’m afraid that fear has caused many American Churches to
begin to lose their way.”
RAW Inner Workings of a Reawakened Soul, page 81

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