DUSTERNUFFLE pre-orders now available!

I am beyond excited to announce the title and video trailer of my new book called….


Check out the book video trailer 🙂

My first children’s book!!! Check out this amazing book trailer to find out about these dusty creatures living underneath the floorboards in the village of Dusternuffle AND get a sneak peak at the cover from the best illustrator Cassandra Zook Illustration (I love her work so much)!! NOW taking PRE-ORDERS at http://www.rebecca-greenfield.com for the release date of November 15th, just in time for Christmas! Perfect for you and your little one!!

Share laughs and enjoy the mysterious, marvelous, magical fun of Dusternuffle!

Below the carpet, beneath where people walk

Is a village of dust with creatures that talk

A village of wonder, of faith and good cheer

A crowd full of creatures that no one can hear

But once in a while a threat from above

Makes all the Dustanians rally in love

To save their quaint village from danger and fright

The spiders, the dirt and the dust must unite

Together in faith they’ll hustle and bustle

To rescue their town, the town of Dusternuffle

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