This is worth it…

A long time ago there was a whisper that grew into a passion that evolved into a dream that shaped into a reality. When we advertise for women’s retreats, it is far from a “whim”. It is a call on our hearts from God. We have been planning the Re-Zestify Women’s Retreat and slots are filling, but there is still room for a few more. Only 10 days to register and slots fill at a first come first serve basis.

Women, you will not regret this! Men, treat your wives to a much needed weekend away. Brothers, help a sister out! Sister, make space for you and God! Now is the time to answer the call. We have been asking God to call His women, who He wants to come and just ask yourself…is it you? Is it someone you know? Is it your sister? Your mother? Your wife?

Wondering if you should come?? Here is what people said about the last retreat:

“I got so much more from this retreat than I ever could have imagined! I was in a high for days after leaving the retreat.”

“Life changing”

“Good food, Amazing fellowship, Soul searching, Great bible study’s, Fun games and wonderful crafts.”

“Beyond amazing”

“God-honoring, convicting, life-changing worth every moment”

“Amazing. Moving. Great. Wonderful. Spiritual. Healing.”

“God honoring. It was raw like your book. It was vital for us to be totally open and real.”

This is God, people!! He can do AMAZING things with the simplest “yes”! Say yes today and register yourself, your friend, your spouse…today before the slots are filled:…/re-zestify-womens-retreat…God is amazing in what He can do!

REGISTER or Find out More

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