Will You Consider Helping?

📣Lifeline Christian Mission needs your help in order to help those in Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, and other countries, as well as here in the US, during the COVID-19 crisis. I am partnering with Lifeline Christian Mission and will donate all proceeds of book sales through May 31st of The Prayer Crossing Personal Devotional, https://amzn.to/2XCCUF2.✝️ 📖 We have a donor who has agreed to match each sale so that more can be donated to Lifeline, but we need your help to make an impact! Join the cause! Here’s how you can help:
1.) Share, comment and like this post (The more you share, the more support we can get to these vulnerable countries)
2.) Buy a Book from these two specific weblinks: https://amzn.to/2XCCUF2 or go to https://bit.ly/2xuV4xY
3.) Have a copy already? Buy one for a friend. Your support can make a two-fold difference.
Honduras is facing a food shortage crisis with rioting in attempts to get government support because of COVID. El Salvador is experiencing escalating food prices in the midst of viral spread and limited PPE. Haiti had to close school after finally reopening in late January from a previous shut caused by dangerous civil unrest. These countries need your help! Lifeline has set up benevolent funds for each site. To donate visit https://lifeline.org/news-and-stories/news-detail/in-the-battle-together .
Why The Prayer Crossing Personal Devotional?
📌 If you are in quarantine, this is a perfect time to start spending more time with God, and develop that daily rhythm you’ve been wanting to do, but never had the time…try The Prayer Crossing
📌 If you are in healthcare or an essential worker, now is the time to get some strength and peace from God to get you through each moment….try The Prayer Crossing
📌If you are a parent, now is the time to get a few moments of quietness before you assume the teacher role once again…try The Prayer Crossing
May this be a total win for all! A win for you as you find make space for God during a trialing time in history. A win for Lifeline as they receive the means to provide the support and aid to these countries that are in desperate need. And most importantly, a win for the Kingdom as God’s name is revered through the poor, sick and hurting receiving help.

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