Do It For Me

I feel the weight of the Creator as I inhale deeply.  Something is brewing.  The immense beauty of this place, this moment, His creation.  “What is it Lord?” I ask.  “Is there something you want to tell me?  Although I know you don’t have to.  I don’t deserve it.  Oh but if you are willing, give me ears to hear.”

I look out across the expanse of rich beauty–the lavish luster of the limitless lake.  The sun is setting, cascading rays on the glistening ripples.  The backdrop of the lake—crimson mixed with pines, in mountainous form revealing an underskirt of clay rock.  The tiny sparrow flies by.  The whip of the fishing rod hisses to kiss the lake’s crest as the ants busy themselves underneath my picnic table retreat.  I look up to see the mighty oak planted firmly in the water.  It’s decades, maybe over 100 years old, sheltering this alcove—straight, tall in righteous rebuke.  Too much beauty to take in.  My heart is filled, content—this is life. IMG-7871

“Oh so filling, Lord” my soul bursts out.  A sparrow lands on the patch of leafy lake debris, perching so picturesque; completely oblivious to the majesty and wonder it carries.  It tilts it’s head and my heart’s mind can’t help but overflow.  Oh the serenity of it all.  My heart cannot contain it all.  Something in this place captivates me.  “What is it Father?  Oh please share if you are willing.  Even if I don’t like the answer?”

The still, soft Voice:

“Do it for Me, Child.  Do it for Me.”

That is what it is all about it.  “Do it all as unto the Lord” Colossians 3:23.  “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked” Psalm 1:1-6.  My delight must first and foremost and always be in the Lord.  My delight is in His law and on it let me meditate, because then I will grow where I am planted and not wither away.  It is from God that comes my strength, my endurance, my approval.  He is what it is all about.  Oh “taste and see that the Lord is good” Psalm 34:8.  Take in His Splendor.  Create for Him.  Abide in him.  Run the race marked out before you, arms back, heart abandoned…don’t look left, don’t look right…look straight at the Creator.

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